Partnering with Funeral Homes & Cremation Service Providers

At Clearly Loved, we deeply understand that funeral homes and cremation service providers care about their clients. Families come to them at a sorrowful time, and integrity and compassion is of the utmost importance. Our artists take a similar approach to working with our clients. We understand that we are contributors to the healing process, and we hope to bring peace with every piece we create.

  • People choose cremation services for personal reasons. Many choose to scatter the ashes, while others consider keeping all or portion of the remains. A creative option for keeping loved ones close to our hearts is cremation jewelry.
  • Our distinctive designs feature handcrafted glass hollows made by our USA-based artists.
  • Each piece has a hollow section that holds a generous portion of ashes. You can fill it to the top or leave space so the cremains move freely. This free-flowing style truly sets our work apart from other cremation jewelry artists encasing ashes within a glass pendant.

What also stands out is our one-on-one, personalized service. Our artists personally work with customers, and we cater to the needs of Funeral Homes and Cremation Service providers, offering fast turnaround and delivery.

If you have a referral or would like us to help you serve your clients, please contact us at 352-208-5462.