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Based in Ocala, Florida, Clearly Loved delivers cremation jewelry urns that are truly exquisite keepsakes for the lasting memory of your loved one. Contact our flamework artists to learn more about how we individually create each glass piece. Unlike other cremation jewelry and tiny urns, our custom-artist designs allow the cremated remains to shift within the hollow vessel much like sand flows through an hourglass.

Custom create your perfect pendant or give a ready-to-ship piece of memorial jewelry as a gift. Each one-of-a-kind piece displayed comes complete as ordered in an elegant gift box and filling instructions.

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Featured Memorial Jewelry

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    This unique piece from our Veiled Cremation Jewelry Line features a gorgeous purple glass hollow.  Handcrafted by Beth Mellor, this piece is adorned with a matching purple bead and clear rondelle.  The glass urn is hollow and can be filled with a portion of your loved one’s ashes.  A similar piece the same size, not necessarily this one, is shown for scale only.  Filling instructions along with a small tube of recommended glue is included.  Each pendant will arrive in our elegant gift box.


Handmade Cremation Jewelry | Made in the U.S.A.