This unique piece from our Veiled Cremation Jewelry Line features a gorgeous purple glass hollow.  Handcrafted by Beth Mellor, this piece is adorned with a matching purple bead and clear rondelle.  The glass urn is hollow and can be filled with a portion of your loved one’s ashes.  A similar piece the same size, not necessarily this one, is shown for scale only.  Filling instructions along with a small tube of recommended glue is included.  Each pendant will arrive in our elegant gift box.

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  • If you already have a chain, you can order each of our pendants only. All come with a bail, ( the thing they hang from) which allows the necklace to be removed and replaced with the auto chain or the purse charm. Change it around as you like! All of these items can also be found for sale on the accessories page.
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Meticulous steps go into the creation of each piece. At Clearly Loved, our creative artists “flamework” the glass hollow in our USA-based studios. We then carefully take each hollow portion, design the final composition, and hand-fit the components. The result is a durable and beautiful memorial to remember those dearest to you. Unlike other cremation jewelry, our timeless urns uniquely allow you to leave space so the cremains can move freely. Much like the loved one honored within, no two handcrafted pieces are alike.


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How to care for your cremation jewelry ...

Never wear your pendant in the shower or swimming.

Do no submerge in water.

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia, bleach, chlorine, acetone, hair spray, perfume and cosmetics.

How to fill your cremation jewelry ...

  1. Work over a catch device.
  2. Turn pendant upside down, unscrew ball, remove cap and set aside.
  3. Pull pin down until it is in the middle of the hollow portion.
  4. Spoon contents directly over opening.
  5. When filled to desired level, push pin back up through opening.
  6. Place a small dab of glue over the open hole and replace the cap.
  7. Add a small dab of glue to the top of the threaded post.
  8. Screw on ball until securely snug.  Allow to dry 24 hours before wearing.